The Struggle of Anxiety

Anxiety is most often about what might be, not what is; yet, the struggle it brings is real.  So much to be grateful for; yet unsettled emotions nag at me with the many variables that are shouted in the media. The what if’s begin to crowd in, trying to knock my blessed assurance off the throne. Praying through … Read more

Rise up – Hear My voice!

Rise up, you women who are at ease, Hear my voice;   Isa 32:9 With renewed vigor, I sat down this morning with my Bible and began to read and pray through Scripture. The words “rise up” filled my mind, and I knew that 2020 was going to be a decade of adventure with the mighty Yahweh! I took it … Read more

Prayer and Fasting

by Diane Strack Prayer is not optional for any of us; rather it is the necessary spiritual air we breathe for life and health.  Fasting, however, is less discussed because it seems strange in such a decadent world of plenty.  This simple act of surrender in spirit and body to the One Who knows our … Read more

She Loves Out Loud Prayer Movement for Women Gears Up

By NANCY FLORY Published on May 1, 2019 Nancy Flory “I watched the ‘angry women’ parade and cried with the #MeToo movement, but saw no peace, no healing of hearts,” said Diane Strack. “I thought, ‘As Christian women, we’ve got to stand up and answer this.’ We are not angry. We are heartbroken over a culture that speaks … Read more

12 Day Prayer Journal: Day 6

woman holding flowers

Day 6 When my energetic little girl turned five, she came to sit with me in “big” church. I was optimistic, having explained thoroughly, I thought, how important it is to be still during the sermon. It began well – coloring, looking at books, and smiling in that adorable way that makes a mom’s heart melt. … Read more