She Loves Out Loud Prayer Movement for Women Gears Up

By NANCY FLORY Published on May 1, 2019 Nancy Flory “I watched the ‘angry women’ parade and cried with the #MeToo movement, but saw no peace, no healing of hearts,” said Diane Strack. “I thought, ‘As Christian women, we’ve got to stand up and answer this.’ We are not angry. We are heartbroken over a culture that speaks … Read more

12 Day Prayer Journal: Day 6

woman holding flowers

Day 6 When my energetic little girl turned five, she came to sit with me in “big” church. I was optimistic, having explained thoroughly, I thought, how important it is to be still during the sermon. It began well – coloring, looking at books, and smiling in that adorable way that makes a mom’s heart melt. … Read more

12 Day Prayer Journal: Day 5

woman holding flowers

Day 5 My youngest daughter is as strong-willed as they come. Independent, smart, and confident. But when she came home from college for a holiday, I noticed something different about her. She had a little bit of a stutter step, an uneven walk that lacked the gung-ho attitude she left with. A few days into her visit, we sat … Read more

12 Day Prayer Journal: Day 4

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Day 4 Wise minds and kind hearts – would you define your children that way? Next in our Scripture passage, the writer prays for – all wisdom (Col. 1:9). For children (and even some adults!), this definitely sounds like a contradiction in terms. This wisdom Paul prays for is the knowledge of first principles and the foundation of … Read more

12 Day Prayer Journal: Day 3

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Day 3 Before we watch a family movie, I go online to check language, scenes, and themes. Most of the time, I find great advice, but I have learned not to rely solely on the opinion of others to make right choices for my family. A phrase, an attitude, even some slight disrespect might be missed or dismissed by someone else. One of the biggest … Read more

12 Day Prayer Journal: Day 2

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Day 2 Wait! Before we begin, do you have your journal or notebook and a Bible? The Apostle Paul lovingly explains to his church family that he prays for them “to be filled.” (Col. 1:9) What does that mean? Jesus explained it when He taught, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have … Read more