Blogs & Studies From Judy Douglass


A few random realities:

I love Jesus, my family, Texas, words, books, horses, Mexican food–and quite a few other things

I am married to a wonderful man and have three delightful children and nine superb grandchildren.  My friends so fill my cup that I am drinking from the saucer.

I am a writer, speaker, missionary.  Most of all I am an encourager–urging everyone I encounter to know God and to entrust their lives to him for all He wants them to be and all He has prepared for them to do.  I get to go all over the world to do this loving and encouraging–what an incredible “job.”

I’ve written a few books, edited a couple of magazines, helped found Synergy Women’s Network and served on the Synergy Board and the Redbud Writers Guild Board.

I am amazingly blessed, totally inadequate, woefully unworthy and eternally grateful for the grace and mercy of God.