Here we go! Right into 2021still carrying the gloom of COVID and the division of a nation. Go back a few thousand years, and we feel like the children of Israel feeing the bondage of Egypt and desperately looking for the Promised Land. The enemies of the past threaten and shout behind us and the promise of freedom waits in front of us. We gaze back and forth, listening to shouts of random advice on both sides, some of it even sounding reasonable.

Exodus 14 tells us that the children of Israel fled the harshness of Egypt with a “high hand.” Elated to be free, they “high-fived” their way straight to through the desert to a different enemy the formidable Red Sea. Some cried out, “Let’s give in and go back to bondage. This is too scary.” With great bravado, Moses breathed in deep, struck his rod in the ground and declared, “Stand still an watch the Lord rescue you…” That sounded so courageous, so correct, so what God would expect of them. But then the Lord kind of tapped Moses on the shoulder, “Umm, excuse me…” Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving! To go forward.(Ex 14:15)

The answer for that day is the answer for this day: Let us journey forward courageously with hope and gratitude. My sweet friend Norrine Brunson, and I talked last week as we prepare for the launch of “Courageous Women You Need to Know.” I asked her about the first hour in a Turkish Prison, staring out the window, wondering what might be next and how she was able to turn to her husband and say, “Let’s go with gratitude.” She said it was a phrase a friend had shared with them just days before. Oh, how precious our God to prepare us for the trouble ahead.

As I write to you today, you have heard of many who are ill and some who have died. The sadness continues to surround, but HOPE also continues to abound. HOPE is a sure possession, not a maybe that rises and falls on circumstances, real or imagined. It is always within our own power to courageously choose hope to go forward.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. (Romans 15:13)

Keep praying for the nation.

Keep bringing the Good News.

Keep courageously choosing hope and gratitude.

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Keep expecting amazing,

Diane Strack


  1. How can you go with gratitude today?
  2. What is one story for Scripture that inspires courage for you?
  3. What one courageous step forward you can take right now?