The whole world is in some kind of holding pattern – from students to teachers; restaurants to retail; churches to corporations.  All are asking, “What’s next?”  In fact, in our SLOL Team prayer meeting last week, all six of the team had the same prayer request: “Lord, what is next for our lives?” 

The disciples asked the same thing when Jesus told them He was leaving, and it looked like all hope was lost.  His reply was, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”  Mark 16:15

I just read a letter from a young couple who have devoted their lives to serving as doctors and surgeons in Muslim lands.  They shared the disappointments and chaos Covid has wrought in their lives, but finished the email with “dancing hearts” over one who had come to know the Savior.   (They could only write “him.”)   They shared the Good News and that overcame the bad news. 

 “What’s next for all of us is the opportunity to Love Out Loud – through prayer, serving, encouraging, listening, and sharing what is in our hand.  Tell the Good News to:

  • The fearful woman who needs to hear the verses you count on for courage.
  • The worried family who needs you to pray, bring a meal, or share a financial gift anonymously. 
  • The lonely teen who is waiting for someone to smile and accept him as he is. 
  • The abandoned child waiting for a loving foster home.

Everywhere you look, NEXT is in your path.

Perhaps we will have uncertainty for a time, but what of it?  Courageous women look at life from God’s point of view because they know Who rules from Heaven’s throne.  And when we love loud enough, others know it too. 

“‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,

who was,

 and is,

and is to come.” 

Rev 4:8

PRAY through this verse today, praising God for Who He is in your life. 

I will put my hope in God!
            I will praise him again—
            my Savior and my God!  Psalm 42:11 NLT

“Lord, I will eagerly await your goodness and gifts in what is next for me.  I will speak of your mercy to those I meet and share the Good News of your faithfulness.”