It has been my honor to interview some amazing women this week for our upcoming YouTube “Courageous Women You Need to Know.”  As I do, the Lord continues to ask me, “Do you have the courage to believe that I will do the miracle you need in your life, your ministry, your family, the nation.   I pause, but know what I am supposed to answer.  And again, I hear, “Do you have the courage to believe against all you are seeing and hearing that I am in control.  That I will do more than you can imagine?”

 “Uh, yes!” I say, only half believing.  I open my Bible and thumb through those wonderful crinkly pages of breathtaking stories.  Narratives about of the miracles God has wrought through the ages for His people inspire me to say, “Yes!  A thousand times ‘yes.’  I believe.”

One of those stories that shouts courage for me is the story of Deborah, the prophetess.  Away from the noise was her favorite place to be in those depressing days.  The grumbling and the complaining couldn’t be heard way out there under the palm tree she found.  In my mind, I imagine her traveling for hours to get to the shade and the quiet.  And then soon many others followed the woman who lived, thought, and believed differently; and she became a great leader for her people.  When Deborah agreed to lead 10,000 grumbling, starving, unarmed, pagan worshipping men to the top of a mountain, she had no idea how they would survive or ever be able to come back down.  But she believed in the God of miracles, and that was enough.  Standing strong, her hair and robe blowing in the wind and rain, she watched as the God of angel armies brought a flash flood that drowned the well-armed enemy.  Their fine chariots of iron were suddenly held hostage by mud.  Mud!  100,000 of the finest swords and shields were defeated that day by earth, wind, and rain.  (Judges 4)

The God Who did miracles then will do them for you today. 

Courage is conceived in prayer and birthed at the moment of need. 

The courage to go up the mountain and believe God will bring you back down.  The courage to stick cotton in your ears as you climb so that the noise of grumbling and complaining cannot reach your mind.  The courage to keep trekking no matter what you see, hear or experience around you. 

My prayer these days has been,  “Surprise me Lord!  Surprise us all!  Do that thing that only You can do.  Something we haven’t even thought of!”   And I believe He will.  In fact, I am confident He has already begun.

Always Expect Amazing,
Diane Strack
SLOL Founder and President


  1. How does the story of Deborah encourage you today?
  2. What are you praying for in regards to courage?
  3. Do you have the courage to believe against all you are seeing and hearing that I am in control.  That I will do more than you can imagine?