Frequently Asked Questions

On February 15, 2020, women from coast to coast will gather across all U.S. time zones to hear true stories of hope and healing through prayer and Scripture.  The LIVE interviews will be dazzling as the Lord's power over trauma is revealed and shared!  What a day!  We will stand together to proclaim Scripture; discuss the themes of hope; worship in song; and pray side by side in churches, pregnancy centers, rescue missions, colleges and homes.

  • Allow time to worship in song and welcome the group before we go live at 11:15.
    • Welcome the group;
    • Give instruction as to your prayer room or area; Share this a is a safe space to share and be prayed for.
    • If they want to pray privately, simply rise and walk toward the room and a partner will join.
  • Between the stories of hope and healing,   we will lead in ministry from our live stage.  You have the option to pray with the stage or to mute the program as you lead in prayer locally.  The Scriptures chosen by each speaker.
  • Your church or small group should be prepared to minister to those in attendance.


PT    9:00  – 1:00 PM         Break 10:45 - 11:15 AM

MT 10:00 –  2:00 PM         Break 11:45 – 12:15 PM

CT  11:00 –  3:00 PM         Break 12:45 – 1:15   PM

ET  12:00–   4:00 PM         Break  1:45  – 2:15  PM

She Loves Out Loud is the prayer movement for all women.  Please do pray about inviting others to join you.  One church partner invited 50 churches to come together to plan SLOL in their city and that meeting birthed a bi-weekly city wide prayer meeting and worship.  We are praying for a diverse group of women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities as we “love out loud” together.

You need a computer, a screen, and stable internet.  There are three ways to join SLOL, and all of them are free and none require special equipment:

Test your connection at our website: https://shelovesoutloud.org/media-resources/

We will have an amazing worship leader on the studio set all day, but you might choose to have your own music for the opening, break, and/or close.  Create an atmosphere of intimacy and worship above all.

  • On stage hostess leader(s) for open, close, direction.
  • Women in ministry who can lead in worship and prayer for healing of hearts through prayer.
  • Greeters throughout the room to make the day a personal and intimate one.
  • Volunteers to give out snack boxes or water.
  • A person to monitor the computer and livestream throughout the day.
  • Most importantly, have prepared prayer partners available and a prayer room open.

Prepared prayer partners are those who can pray through Scriptures, listen intently, and love unconditionally.

Prepay for a snack box or “bring your own” It’s only a 30 minute break so keep it simple!

Event hosts and volunteers can register through at https://shelovesoutloud.org/join-the-movement/ to receive updates. Please ask all your attendees to join us on the Facebook SLOL group page to keep updated find resources, and meet new prayer partners.

What do you suggest for small home groups?

Just open your door, gather the women, and be a part of the tears and laughter, the pouring out and taking in, and a day that is overwhelmingly full of joy and friendship. Download and share this graphic via email and social media. Download our Small Group Suggestions handout.