Frequently Asked Questions


On February 15, 2020, women from coast to coast will gather across all U.S. time zones to hear true stories of hope and healing through prayer and Scripture.  We will stand together to proclaim Scripture; discuss the themes of hope; worship in song; and pray side by side in churches, pregnancy centers, rescue missions, colleges and homes.

  • You decide on a start time that will allow 15 to 30 minutes prior to the livestream to welcome, worship, and give direction concerning the day, the prayer room, and prayer partners.
  • Between Livestream stories of hope and healing, SLOL will bring you optional worship music.  You or your ministry team will lead in standing to read the Scriptures on the screen and bringing the groups into praying through the Scriptures, praying for themselves, women in their group, others they know, and those watching the livestream.
  • During prayer times, Scripture and a small countdown clock will remain on the screen and background music will play, but the studio will remain silent as you minister and pray.
  • Your church or small group should be prepared to minister to those in attendance.

PT    9:15  – 1:30 PM         Snack break 11 – 11:30 AM

MT 10:15 –  2:30 PM         Snack break 12 – 12:30 PM

CT  11:15 –  3:30 PM         Snack break  1 – 1:30  PM

ET  12:15 –   4:30 PM         Snack break  2 – 2:30 PM

She Loves Out Loud is the prayer movement for all women.  Please do pray about inviting others to join you.  One church partner invited 50 churches to come together to plan SLOL in their city and that meeting birthed a bi-weekly city wide prayer meeting and worship.  We are praying for a diverse group of women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities as we “love out loud” together.

You need a computer, a screen, and stable internet.  There are three ways to join SLOL, and all of them are free and none require special equipment:

We will have a 24-hour test period on February 14th.  You will be given a dedicated phone number for technical assistance and an email with easy to follow instructions.

No!  There is no fee for any part of this day.

That is your choice.  We will have a worship leader on the studio set, but you might choose to have your own music for the opening, break, and/or close.  Create an atmosphere of worship above all.  We support whatever you do to make the day intimate and genuine.

  • On stage hostess leader(s) for open, close, direction.
  • Women in ministry who can lead in worship and prayer for healing of hearts through prayer.
  • Greeters throughout the room to make the day a personal and intimate one.
  • Volunteers to give out snack boxes to those who have prepaid.
  • A person to monitor the computer and livestream throughout the day.
  • Most importantly, have prepared prayer partners available and a prayer room open.

Prepared prayer partners are those who can pray through Scriptures, listen intently, and love unconditionally.

Due to the nature of the themes, you may have women asking for counseling.  We are in the process of vetting national counseling ministries that we will be posting on line for optional follow-up care.  In addition, you should feel free to offer local counseling information.

Digital flyers, email invite cards, and Facebook art will are available for your print and share use at www.shelovesoutloud.org/media-resources

Add an option to prepay for a snack box or “bring your own” when women register on your event site. Some are bringing in food trucks; having Chick-fil-a or tacos delivered; others are “Bring your own snack.”  It’s only a 30 minute break so keep it simple!

Individuals and event hosts can register through at https://shelovesoutloud.org/join-the-movement/ or join us on Facebook She Loves Out Loud!