Women may not agree on some of life’s choices, but one thing is sure – it is a time in history when we must gather the women of the world to pray. We hear the cries across the lands, “Give me this water, that I might not thirst.” Are we brave enough, caring enough, to respond, “I hear you. I am praying. I am coming to you.”

The mission of She Loves Out Loud is to bring women together across six continents of the world to:

▪ Share in the burdens and glories; tragedy and triumph; and war and peace as we pray together.
▪ Come to know those women as sisters; listen to their stories, love them, comfort, and encourage them.
▪ Proclaim the grace that has been freely and abundantly given to us.

This is a day to ask the Holy Spirit to move upon hearts of women everywhere to serve, to care, to learn about the needs of our sisters across the world. Will you join us on November 5, 2022? It cannot be easier to do. It could be transformative in your community and in someone’s you have never met yet. Check out the program. You will be immediately drawn to be a part of this great day of anointed speakers and music and sacred times of praise and prayer.

Praying and Believing,
Diane Strack

The Lord gave the command; a great company of women brought the Good News: (Ps. 68:11)

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