Our Mission


Across six continents of the world, She Loves Out Loud Global is “gathering the women of the world” to say, “We are with you.”  We will share in the burdens and glories; tragedy and triumph; and war and peace as we pray together.  We will come to know those women as sisters; listen to their stories, love them, comfort, and encourage them.  We will proclaim the grace that has been freely and abundantly given to us.

Let us come together in a harmonious symphony as the She Loves Out Loud sisterhood sings across the seas and continents through heart-to-heart prayer.   I get chills just to think of it!

Gather online through our Facebook Group.  Gather your family, church, pregnancy center, prison ministry, your neighborhood, and everyone you meet at the grocery or the Wa-Wa station!   “Gather the women to pray!” has never been more urgent.  Together we fulfill the command to “bring the Good News” of abundant peace and hope in Christ.


Join hearts with women across six continents to say,

“I hear your story. I see your struggle.  I will love you out loud in prayer.”

Pray with women all around the world for:

  • Healing, Peace, Salvation
  • Women to Pursue God and Serve Others
  • Refugees and Middle East Ministry
  • the Persecuted Church
  • the Next Generation
  • Our Military Families
  • Vulnerable Children
  • Bibles in Australia
  • Healing of Abuse

    Will you join us in this vision?

    Diane Strack and the SLOL Global Team