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Courageous Women Podcast features women with everyday stories filled with faith and purpose to encourage you to be a woman of prayer!

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Episode 1: 3.15.21 Featuring Guest Julia Immonen Strachan:

Julia Immonen is the Charity Founder and CEO of SPORT for FREEDOM. She is a sport and media personality campaigning to bring freedom from modern day slavery and human trafficking. The charity was born out of Julia’s record breaking achievement of rowing 3000 miles unaided across the Atlantic Ocean in just a 7 meter by 2 meter rowing boat from the Canaries to Barbados in 2011 and 2012. Voted 12th out of Zest Magazine’s Top 20 most Inspirational Women in Sport, Julia travels around the world championing Sport for Freedom and inspiring others to action. Julia is an inspirational, motivational speaker who has spoken at events held by GlaxoSmithKline, The Boodles, Mastercard, Alpha, Tour de France Fan Park and at the Council of Europe to name but a few. Julia has worked for Sky Sports News for the past 9 years and is a passionate Arsenal fan and keen surfer, skier and adventurer.Julia’s first book, a memoir written with Craig Borlase, Row For Freedom: Crossing an Ocean in Search of Hope, was published by Thomas Nelson in 2014.

Episode 2: 4.15.21 Featuring Guest Claire Culwell:

An abortion survivor and leading pro-life spokeswoman, Claire tells her inspiring and sometimes surprising story of redemption, healing, and forgiveness, offering grace and support—not shame—to women facing the most difficult decision of their lives.

Episode 3: 6.28.21: Featuring Guest Lori Apon

“A Father to the fatherless, a defender of the widows, is God in His holy dwelling,” became an anchor for the Apon family upon the tragic death of Bobby Apon, Lori’s husband and father of their 8 children. God’s promise in Psalm 68:5 shaped their perspective in the midst of tragedy. His faithfulness was on full display as their community and church ministered with overwhelming compassion and love!

20 years later, Lori Apon, founder and Executive Director of Perspective Ministries, passionately shares her experience as a widow with others, leading them to discover that God delights in fulfilling all His promises to those who no longer have a husband or father. Through helpful resources, support groups, Perspective Ministries meets widows in their time of need while also helping communities and churches care for the widow and her fatherless children in ways that are meaningful to them.

Episode 4: Megan Brown

Megan Brown is a friend of She Loves Out Loud, author, and military wife! In her new Bible Study she talks about a courageous woman from the Bible you that “Summoned” her courage and saved her people. You can find Megan on her website by clicking here.

Episode 5: Norine Brunson