“… and restore their land…” There are few things I pray for right now that hit my heart quite as hard as this one. More than anything I long for in our nation, I long for healing. I long for restoration with God and with each other.

The gap between right and left, red and blue, has become so wide that both sides have abandoned their willingness to seek understanding or recognize commonality, even humanity in each other. The other-ism we feel towards people with different political beliefs is killing us. Healing can’t and won’t come until we begin to reach across that gap, guided by both love and truth.

Beyond the division in our nation, there are people facing injustice and inequality who’s pain, hurting and resentment run deep. We’ve never seen a clearer example of that pain than we have over the past few months. Whatever your thoughts are on how that pain has manifested or been expressed, do not miss that the core of it is deep pain and frustration. 

God longs to bring healing to our nation, and we should share that longing and pray for Him to bring healing, restoration, and life-giving freedom to our nation and all of its people.