She Loves Out Loud Global – Program

November 5, 2022      9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. CT

9:00 a.m. CT

Opening Worship

Ephie Johnson and the Memphis Citywide Choir


Opening Prayer: Healing, Peace, Salvation

Dr. Cynthia Mitchell


Real Woman: (Re)Discovering God’s Good Design

Donna Gaines

Prayer for Needs of European Women and Culture

Usha Reifsnider

Prayer for Women to Pursue God and Serve Others – Military Spouses

Megan Brown


When Foreigners Become Friends (Deuteronomy 10:18)

Story from Afghan Refugee

Prayer for Refugees and Middle East Ministry

Norine Brunson

Prayer for the Persecuted Church and Those Held Captive

Rachel Knight



A Woman Sent by God

Carole Ward

Prayers from the Next Generation 

Ugandan Sponsored Children – One More Child


Prayers for the Next Generation and Peace

Stefanie Schindler

North America

Women of Legacy: The Real World of Foster and Adoption

Jackie Green and daughters: Lindy Green Johnson, Lauren McAfee, Danielle Smith – Hosted by Christi Haag

Prayer for Vulnerable Children

Dr. Sharen Ford, Aixa de López

The Lord and His Prayer

Diane Strack, Ephie Johnson and Global Students

11:20 a.m. CT

30-Minute Break for Lunch and to Explore Ministry Opportunities


Ephie Johnson and the Memphis Citywide Choir


Prayer for Bibles in Australia

South & Central America

Survivor Mentor in Anti-Trafficking at One More Child

Teresa J. Helm

Prayer for Healing of Abuse

Karen Morán

Female Bravery and God’s Mission

Jen Wilkin




Worship and Invitation

A Call to Serve

Close in Prayer and Praise

Are you ready to be a part of She Loves Out Loud Global on November 5, 2022?


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