She Loves Out Loud Global – Program

“It (prayer) is the rhythm of standing in the presence of the pain of the world and kneeling in the presence of the Creator of the world; of bringing those two things together in the name of Jesus and by the victory of the cross.”
N. T. Wright – The Lord and His Prayer

November 5, 2022      9 AM to 1:30 PM CT


Opening Worship

Charity Gayle and the Memphis Citywide Choir


Opening Prayer: for Women across the Globe to Trust Christ as Savior

Dr. Cynthia Mitchell

North America & Europe

Real Woman: Desiring God’s Heart

Donna Gaines

Prayer for Women to Pursue God and Serve Others

Usha Reifsnider


When Foreigners Become Friends (Deuteronomy 10:18)

Stories from Afghan Refugees

Prayer for Refugees

Norine Brunson


A Woman Sent by God

Carole Ward

Prayers from the Next Generation from Uganda


Women of Legacy: The Real World of Foster and Adoption

Jackie Green and daughters: Lindy Green Johnson, Lauren McAfee, Danielle Smith – Hosted by Christi Haag

Prayer for Vulnerable Children

Anna Blake

The Lord and His Prayer

Diane Strack and Aixa de Lopez

30-Minute Break to Explore Ministry Opportunities


Charity Gayle and the Memphis Choir

Central America

Anti-Trafficking Survivor and Activists

Prayer Warrior and Activist 

Karen Morán

Female Bravery and God’s Mission

Jen Wilkin




A Call to Serve


Close in Prayer and Praise


Logo Send Relief