Join hearts with women across six continents to say, “I hear your story. 

I see your struggle.  I will love you out loud in prayer.”

November 5th, 2022!

She Loves Out Loud 2020 came on the cusp of a pandemic that changed the world.  It entered the globe in full force, and we prayed through the isolation and division.  A woman from the Sudan sent a Facebook group message: “Pray for my son. He is on the front lines of war.”  Suddenly my situation didn’t seem so bad.  Then there were desperate pleas for family members fighting for their lives against Covid.  Many were in despair over financial losses, struggling with their children’s schedules and educations, and overall emotional health.  It was a brutal time for so many.

In Acts 16:9, we read:   “During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us.’”   I read that and heard women across our planet calling out to you and to me – “Come over and help me.”  

I want to know those women.  I want to hear their stories, love them, comfort, and encourage them.  I want to share with them the grace that has been freely and abundantly given to me.  Will you join me in this vision?

It is time for those of us who are called to “bring the good news” to rise up and share burdens and glories; tragedy and triumph; war and peace in prayer.  Across six continents of the world, She Loves Out Loud Global is gathering the women to pray on November 5th, 2022 to say, “We are with you.”

Loneliness and gloom has prevailed for far too long.  The calamities, tragedies, and confusion of this world has created a firestorm of noise intended to overwhelm the soul into despair, but there is a glorious symphony that rises above all of it.  It is the harmonious voices of the She Loves Out Loud sisterhood singing across the seas and lands in heart-to-heart prayer.   I get chills just to think of it!  So mark your calendar.  Gather your family, church, pregnancy center, prison ministry, your neighborhood, and everyone you meet at the grocery or the Wa-Wa station!   “Gather the women to pray!” has never been more urgent. 

Know this – Your story matters.  Their story matters.  Together we fulfill the command to “bring the  Good News!”  November 5, 2022 here we come! 

Watch for more info.  Registration opens January 2022.

Always Expect Amazing,

Diane Strack

Founder and President of She Loves Out Lout Global

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