May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent Me and that you love them as much as You love Me.”  (John 17:23)

Even as He prepared for the hatred and pain waiting for Him at the cross, Jesus prayed for us to show the world the unconditional, personal love of God through unity. This declaration is too important, too imperative to be ignored or put in the “later” column.  

Satan knows the power of unity and does all he can to create chaos. His first act of deception was intended to divide the beautiful unity God created between Adam and Eve. To break up a marriage was his first act, but not his last.  Five minutes into any news program, we know that households are at odds; schools are closing in anger; first responders are disrespected; and churches are splitting.  Women across the world are abused and afraid. Where is the will of God, the love of God, in all of this?

Perhaps, it is waiting for the church, on you and me, those of us who know freedom and the grace of salvation, to unite heart-to-heart in prayer with those who do not know peace as we do. The Samaritan woman bowed her head in shame to beg of Jesus, “Please, give me this living water that I might not thirst again…” Across the miles, I see the faces and hear the pleas of women, “Pray for me that I might receive peace, endurance, hope.”  

Unity across the world can only come through believers lifting the name of Jesus in worship, but it begins with you and I, every day.  The Apostle Paul understood our reality as he wrote, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  Each of us does our part to bring unity when we display grace, forgiveness, and fruits of the Spirit without compromising what we know to be Truth.   

TODAY – who do I need to forgive; how do I repair the conflict; what is my next step; how do I respond to the immorality surrounding me at school, work, family, community with grace but without compromise? These take thought, planning, and wisdom. And that is how we show that “You love them as much as You love Me.”  

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Always Expect Amazing,

Diane Strack, Founder and President of She Loves Out Loud Global