Luke 1:28 The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

Imagine for a moment – Young Mary looks up to see a glowing stranger who begins the conversation with a bestowal of honor.  She is astounded at such praise and greatly troubled by what seems a blasphemous announcement by this uninvited visitor.  Praised as “highly favored,” she probably glanced about the sparse room, shifted her foot against the dirt floor as she straightened her worn veil, and thought, “Who me?”

But in that quiet place, she was able to think, to ask questions, and to process her thoughts as she surrendered to the will of God.  We can learn from her that If we expect God to do something miraculous in our lives, we must meet Him in the quiet place and offer moments of time that are His alone.     

Before He calls us to a task; before He answers a prayer or presents an opportunity, He calls us first to Himself.

It is in the quiet place that we exchange complaints and fear for praise and joy; where we leave behind thoughts of gossip and come away with words of encouragement; where we do not think of our ourselves but of how we can serve others. 

It is in the quiet place that we find it is no longer important to tell God what we need, but only to surrender to His perfect will for our lives.

“Father, You know what I will face today.  The thoughts that will assault me with fear and insecurity; the temptations and problems I must face.  Walk with me, Lord. Fill me with Your wisdom and give me endurance beyond my own ability.” 

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© Diane Strack 2020