Anxiety is most often about what might be, not what is; yet, the struggle it brings is real.  So much to be grateful for; yet unsettled emotions nag at me with the many variables that are shouted in the media. The what if’s begin to crowd in, trying to knock my blessed assurance off the throne.

Praying through the Scriptures is my true source of peace.  I open those beautiful pages and there the Lord greets me with a sure voice.  In the face of anxiety and discouragement,  a treasure trove of pure wisdom awaits.  Not to ignore the turmoil, but to define it.  Anxiety is at its very core a lack of trust in the Sovereignty of so great a Creator.  The One who made majestic waterfalls and rolling oceans; hilariously cute animals of all shapes of sizes; glorious flowers unique in color and shape; the beauty of green in nature; the splendor of a rainbow; the grandeur of the mountains; the elegance of an eagle’s flight; and the softness of a child’s heart. Shall I go on?

Yes, you say, but…can He really handle my deepest fears, the ones I won’t even admit to myself?

He can.  He will. He does.

Isaiah 41:10 gives instruction for both the might be’s as well as realities. Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.  Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you.  I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.                           

Do not be afraid –  Allowing fear to control us prevents us from utilizing the power of faith in our Sovereign God.  He has prepared the courage you need before you need it, if only you believe.

Do not be Discouraged – This is where the spiritual enemy of our souls wants us to live.  Not in the joy of an intimate relationship with God, but in a constant state of anxiety over the next awful “It might happen…”    These lurk nearby, becoming math equations in our heads until the potential dread has overtaken our spirits.

Don’t do either, the Lord admonishes, for one simple reason.  I am your God.  And furthermore, I am with you in this.

PRAY TODAY:  Lord, I come before you with an honest heart to say I am struggling.  Banish fear and anxiety  from my thoughts.  Forgive my sin of unbelief in your Sovereign power, and by your Spirit fill me with confidence in your victorious right hand.  Send those who I can encourage and who can encourage me this day as we proclaim aloud, “You are my God.”  May I dwell upon the majesty of Who you are and look not to what the world shoves at me.  I can smile because you love me so.

Always Expect Amazing,    DianeStrack