Are you ready to change the world? She Loves Out Loud Global is gathering women to pray in the name of our Lord Jesus across six continents with one heartbeat! 

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I have to admit to feeling overwhelmed by the everyday, casual dismissal of the biblical principles we hold dear. But the Lord reminds me over and over–”They don’t know what you know.” They do not know of the power and truth of the word of God. In the midst of it all is a confused generation across the globe.  How do I–one woman–make a difference?

Across the narrative of history, God has always used women to stand up and say,“It is written.” We will not be discouraged. We will come together to pray in the name of the Faithful God.  Louder voices are not the answer. Bigger hearts, beating with compassion and prayer will change lives.

God has always used a woman

And today, THIS DAY, He is waiting to use you and I, women of God, faithful to His truths, pure in heart, and passionate in prayer for women across the globe who still cry out as the Samaritan woman did,“Give me this water that I might not thirst.” 

We were created to be active, compassionate participants in the story of God at work in and among His creation. Come partner with She Loves Out Loud and join six continents with one heartbeat to proclaim Psalm 117, “Praise the Lord, all you nations, all you people of the earth, for He loves us with unfailing love; the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever.”

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Always Expect Amazing,

Diane Strack, Founder and President of She Loves Out Loud Global

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